Building Better Businesses, One Stud at a Time

Get custom exterior and interior framing services in Hagerstown, MD

Poorly framed walls can threaten the strength and integrity of your commercial building. When you're starting construction on your new office space, rely on Hagerstown Drywall for exterior and interior framing services. Our licensed contractors will work with you to understand your needs and follow your blueprints to ensure a job well done.

From small auto shops to retail stores and salons, we use metal studs on projects of all sizes for long-lasting construction. Reach out to us in Hagerstown, MD today for interior or exterior framing services.

Why are metal studs better?

Many commercial contractors are making the switch to exterior and interior metal framing because of the many construction benefits metal has over wood, such as:

  • Durability: Metal won't rot or warp when exposed to moisture.
  • Ease of installation: Wood studs take more time and material to install.
  • Cost efficiency: Metal studs are usually cheaper and are recyclable.

See if interior or exterior metal framing is right for your new building. Call Hagerstown Drywall today.